Ontology : Controlled Vocabulary

Yesterday, Nicole Fenton joined our class to speak about controlled vocabulary and the relationship between a writer and editor. Nicole is a writer, editor, and content strategist. She hosts workshops and works with nice people on websites and publishing projects.

As we prepare a 24,000 word (50 page) thesis book, the search to hire an editor has begun. We discussed project budget, pricing structure, rounds of edits, and deadlines. 

The most important takeaway was making sure my that written work is clear and able to be understood by a non-academic audience–overly technical jargon can be reduced or made clear with the controlled vocabulary section of our final thesis book. This is tough for me because the Products of Design program is teaching us to embrace and use  the language that is currently circulated in the design field. Knowing your audience for any output is the tact and skill that I am here to learn be it a blog post, a thesis book, or a presentation to colleagues. 

Thanks to Abby and Nicole for the guidance!