The A,B,C's of METAL

This hand tool is for bending metal wire and flat bar– developed from the desire to stimulate the hands and mind with a creative activity that is authentically haptic. To promote learning the basics of bending metal, a how-to instruction guide illustrates the sequence of steps required for each letter of the alphabet. Metal letters can be used to hot-brand personal belongings wood, leather, bread, pancakes or a persons belongings. 

Makers, jewelers and metalsmiths will recognize the array of bending dies and pins that can be configured in hundreds of way on the matrix block of the tool. The action of a pliers inherently adjusts to different die configurations, different sizes, and can be used to flatten, pinch or cut the metal. 

Ages 8 +


In theme with the project mission, everything was generated and made by eye-hand coordination using manual actuated tools and impliments.