Loupe is a flexible band worn around the neck or your waist, which acts as a body rig for smartphones. It caters to a market segment of content creators who use smartphones to capture footage for their video-blogs (vlog). Freeing up your hands allows the freedom to move which in turn expedites the filming process. Connecting with the audience is a vital part of content creation and Loupe puts them right beside you– seeing directly from your point of view. 


EVERY MINUTE, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

EVERY DAY, 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. 

Loupe is designed for the Content Creators of Generation Z and Makers who create tutorials, how-to videos, and unboxing videos for their vlogs. Acting as an assistant, Loupe frees your hands and helps capture the action as it occurs, directly from the narrative point of view. By relying on a rig for smartphones, beginners and intermediate creators can avoid expensive equipment as a barrier to entry.

Every minute counts when you are a one person crew with many tasks to do. We believe in the fast-recording process that teaches efficient techniques for shooting, scripting, editing, and posting content online. Avoiding reshoots and multiple camera positions saves time behind the scenes and enables more time for connecting with your followers. 


We believe in the fast-recording process to aid the shooting, scripting, editing, and posting OF content.

prototyping & USER TESTING

We tested the form and function of similar products on the market to determine the strongest, most flexible, and most cost effective solution. One user was able to wash dishes while taking a video call, another could watch a makeup tutorial while practicing the technique with both hands to hold the makeup container and applicator. While riding the subway, Chris watched a video and took notes with a pen and paper– he couldn't tell if people were looking at his hat rig in awe or if they thought he was awkward.   


market research & branding

The average American child gets their own smartphone before they are eleven years old. As a team, we focused on a subculture of teenagers with limited finances and a strong desire to share and connect online. This group prefers to express themselves with video content rather than photographs which has spawned changes in the largest social media platforms today. Facebook has responded to this tendency with Facebook Live– doubling it's views from 4 to 8 billion when launched. Instagram increased the duration of video clips beyond 30 seconds and added Instagram Stories. 

For the branding, our choice in typeface, color, slogans, and the Loupe logo we all guided by research into the subculture of Teen Content Creators or Teen Vloggers. We referenced studies of people of all ages; where they most frequently use smartphones, what orientation they interact with the devise, and for what reasons people use smartphones. 

Loupe is the result of a team collaboration between Sebastian Harmsen, Sowmya Iyer, Antriksh Nangia, and ChristopheRand for their Product, Brand, and Experience class in 2017.