MODIFY / TO HACK : the re-purposing or altering of pre-made objects to suit the specific needs of a user. This approach can be stand-alone or in conjunction with making objects from scratch and normally is a quick means to an end. For as long as I can remember, this has been one part of my compulsion to customize and improve the objects I use everyday. 

iMOD - Apple modifications

OBJECTIVE : to enhance comfort while interacting with three devices;  an iPad, keyboard and trackpad.

SOLUTION : by drilling one hole, an old iMac's aluminum foot was merged with an pre-made iPad holder. The resulting stand can be quickly adapted to changes in point-of-use; whether it be standing or seated in a chair, couch and stool. In the second example, the keyboard and trackpad sit in a trough between cork laminate and the bent aluminum baseplate. The cork applies soft-pressure to the wireless devises and creates a friction fit to hold everything in place. With simplicity in mind, this tray addresses freedom of movement, organization and the ability to power both accessories on/off with one touch.  When the batteries need replacing, the keyboard and trackpad lift right off the tray or can fall out if rotated near 90º 

CAMERA MOD  #1 - Battery access

PROBLEM: (pictured above) The camera's battery door would not open when a tripod mounting plate was connected, therefore It was impossible to maintain the exact position when changing the batteries. This affects the point-of-view between photographs and would require time in post-production to edit and correct the problem. 

SOLUTION : cut off a portion of the tripod mounting plate without compromising it's strength or function. 


CAMERA MOD #2 - Stacked cameras

PROBLEM : (pictured above) Shoot photographs with an iPhone and a camera simultaneously with only one tripod.  

SOLUTION : stack the iPhone above the DSLR using the camera's hot shoe and a pre-made Joby Smartphone holder. An old camera flash was hacked and modified using epoxy putty, a hacksaw, file, knife, and a 1/4-20 nut and screw.

IKEA HACK - Wardrobe closet

OBJECTIVE : build a custom, minimum cost closet that uses of every inch of a recess in a bedroom wall. The solution was to merge two cabinet shells together making one large shell with new divisions and places for drawers, shelves and hanger rods. Out of dozens of pre-made pieces, all but a few were carefully altered so that the finished wardrobe would appear original to the manufacturer. By using Ikea components purchased in their 'scratch and dent' section, there was a cost savings of 50% or more for every component. 

All but two panels were cut to size, drilled and recombined into new sections for drawers, shelves, and hanger rods. The top, bottom and interior sections were made out of extra panels from the narrower Ikea cabinet. All fabrication was done on-site to ensure a proper fit and ease of installation. Afterwards, the wardrobe was filled and used to determine if one or two sliding doors would be adapted to fit. Discounted Ikea components were again purchased to make a pair of offset-sliding doors. The aluminum frames and panels of the stock doors were trimmed down to reduce their width and then hung on a modified sliding track.


OBJECTIVE : upgrade and personalize a pre-made copper electronic cigarette that is called a mechmod or mod. I used five components made by different manufacturers to hack a version of my own with increased performance and safety features. 


  • re-machined stainless steel and copper rings to fit around the button // to provide additional protection from accidental firing 
  • re-machined top cap into a hybrid atomizer connection // to shorten the length and increase electrical conduction
  • slightly reduce the diameter of the body tube // for logo free look  and trim
  • re-machine a stainless steel cap to pressure fit inside the custom copper top cap // to provide a sterile chamber inside the atomizer where the E-liquid contacts the copper