SAVOR : The SLOW FOOD Movement

This series of place settings is based on the slow food movement that honors being present in the act of eating and savoring each bite. Studies have shown that mindful eating and thoroughly chewing food aids in digestion, greater extraction of nutrients, while increasing the sensation of taste. Through the lens of food as medicine, these three different arrangements were created by leveraging visual cues, physical barriers, and prompts to slow or distract people while eating. They are intended for new dining experiences for chefs and educators. 


Prompts are etched into the glass as clues or fortunes.

When we absorb good quality food more fully, we need less of a portion to feel satisfied. Created using common tableware, these three arrangements accommodate appetizers, side dishes, and multi-course meals in the mix to slow down and appreciate our food. 




Here, an appetizer is broken down into separate ingredients and placed on spoons. Like a spiral staircase leading to a crescendo, the flavor and texture of each ingredient is emphasized step-by-step in bite sized portions and mixed together in a bowl or plater at the top. 



A side dish is divided into four portions and placed on a wooden serving board. Glass lids are placed over the food and draped with ribbons and adhesive wax to secure them as one. The user must peel the wax to reveal the food and the cursive message etched into the inside lid. Prompting them to breath between each bite or to chew each bite 30 times, this version would be the most time consuming to prepare and to participate with during a meal.