Added to any carabiner, the tabiner is a is a quickdraw tab that makes for an easier on/off interaction. As the carabiner has shifted from a tool for climbers to a personal accessory, its size, strength, and function has changed. Despite the surge in popularity, the smaller the carabiner is, the more difficult and clumsy it is to operate. 

Tabiner is touchpoint for haptic feedback which allows for unobstructed opening of the gate– the pivoting portion of the carabiner that opens and closes. The tab puts your finger out of the way allowing for open passage of the carabiner. It was initially designed for people with numb hands, those that wear thick gloves, and those who seek to streamline their daily gestures to save split seconds.  


USED Nearly 6,000 times annually

If you are like me and use a keychain carabiner, then it's opened and closed 8 to 16 times per day. The Tabiner is a very simple modification that just feels better– becoming an automatic action that should have been there all along.

• not intended for use with climbing carabiners.